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Mine Craft

  • In-Person @ 115 Perimeter Center Place Atlanta, Georgia, United States (map)
  • 18:30 - 20:30 UTC
  • Language: English

Sponsor: Tegile

Eve Acosta <>

Field Marketing Specialist - Southeast


Featured Presentation:

Predictive Analytics: From Theory to Practice

Mark Tabladillo, MarkTab Inc. Founder

Mark Tabladillo David McFarland

About Mark:
Mark Tabladillo is a Lead Data Scientist (Architect) for Microsoft Enterprise Services and Delivery. He is also a SAS expert. Mark provides training and consulting for companies in the US and around the world. He also teaches part-time with the University of Phoenix and Brenau University. He is a chapter leader for the PASS Data Science virtual chapter. He tweets @marktabnet and blogs at

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